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Writer. Facilitator. Reiki practitioner. Black escape artist.

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My name is chinyere

I am a Black queer reiki practitioner, writer, and somatic explorer. Raised in the Deep South and currently based on Lenape territory (a.k.a Brooklyn), I am now a Ph.D. candidate in Critical Social Psychology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. My research seeks to understand how marginalized genders of color heal and resist, as well as examine where we hold stories of institutional violations in our physical and energetic bodies.


I am a Reiki Level II practitioner trained under my Reiki godmother, Selome Araya. My training is of the Usui Reiki tradition, trauma-informed, and rooted in a decolonial Black feminist approach. I have offered Reiki to communities of color in New York for the past four years. I believe that everyone possesses the power to heal oneself and as a Reiki practitioner, I am here to provide energy work, hold space, and assist you on your journey back to self. It is an honor to be a witness and of service to your healing.


“Ncheta" (which roughly translates to “remembering” in Igbo) calls for us to remember what is inherently and intuitively known regarding our worth, our vision, and our path here on Earth. Part of remembering requires a trust in the embodiment of what one feels and instinctively knows to be true, and the conditioning by global white supremacy and capitalism has tainted the images and understandings that we have of ourselves due to negative programming, abuses, and educational indoctrination. For one to remember is to unshackle the chains of oppression on our minds and bodies, and move towards liberation.


I believe that marginalized folk should have FULL access to healing tools and modalities. I offer sliding scale for QTIPOC and BIPOC communities. Please message me for access to those rates!

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